Taga 2.0 Cargo Electric Bike

Taga 2.0 Cargo Electric Bike

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The Best Family Bike EVER

Taga 2.0: The ultimate, most affordable family bike. Taga 2.0 is the most comfortable, safe, easy to ride, practical and just all around coolest family bike you could possibly

All you expect from a family bike and much more. Perfect for leisure time with your kids in the park, shopping, school drop-off, carrying stuff, outing with your dog, running errands or just staying active.

Taga 2.0 is the ultimate and most affordable family bike. It is an extremely cool, safe and highly versatile bike. It targets parents and kids, as well as any person who needs to carry groceries, pets or any other stuff on a bike.
Taga 2.0 has a 3-wheel structure with 20 wheels, so it is inherently stable and offers a great ride. It has a child/cargo compartment in the front, which is made of steel and advanced plastics, making it durable and resistant to impact. The patent-pending child seat compartment offers endless features and options: it can take one or two kids facing forwards, backwards or facing each other.

In addition, the seat itself has luxury padding, an adjustable harness and headrest suitable for infants and kids up to 8 years old and several reclining positions up to 155 degrees.

In addition, Taga 2.0 offers a wide range of accessories: extra special soft cushion for infants, Car Seat adapter, Sun Hood, Royal all-weather Canopy, Rear Rack for extra luggage or a 3rd child seat, Night Kit and more.  One of the coolest accessories is a special bar which allows the attachment of a variety of fun add-ons, such as a toy driving wheel, sketch table, cup, smart phone holder or even a water gun.

In seconds, Taga 2.0 turns from a family bike to a full sized cargo bike just fold the seats and you have a lockable storage compartment with an extra load area on the top. In addition, the whole child seat compartment can be flatpack folded into a slim suitcase, for easy storage at home or in a car trunk. Taga has disc brakes and a Shimano gear, and it comes in two versions a regular one and an electric-bike version, for effortless long distance rides.


Please note, Taga 2.0 cannot be converted to a stroller and will not be replacing the current bike-stroller model, but rather will be sold in parallel.


Lovingly designed by bicycle enthusiastic family people

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