Sierra Moonshadow Table Fountain

Sierra Moonshadow Table Fountain

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The Large Moonshadow tabletop fountain can bring elegance and tranquility into any room. 

The water flows through the top of the frame, down the slate and through a layer of polished river rocks into the waiting pool of water below. These water fountains have a quiet, submersible pump that can be adjusted to control the flow rate of the water. There is a halogen accent light to call extra attention to this water feature, even in the dark. 

Our hand crafted water fountains are small enough to fit on any table and blend into the decor of the room, but still large enough to attract the attention of a discerning eye. Wherever you place the Large Moonshadow fountain, the soothing sound of the falling water is sure to relax and captivate anyone in the room. 


  • Materials: Aluminum, Slate 
  •  LED Lighting 
  • Submersible Pump

Dimensions: 15"L x 15"W x 15"H; 
Weight: 12 lbs

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