BERG X-plore BFR-3

BERG X-plore BFR-3

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With a heart set on adventure and the Berg USA X-plore BFR 3 Pedal Go Kart Riding Toy, there's no limit to the fun (and mud!) a child can get into. Fortunately, it's equipped with mudguards to limit the splash factor. Wide, air-filled off-road tires carry you easily where a rabbit wouldn't go. The unique BFR system includes three gears for forward motion, a coaster brake, and the ability to pedal in reverse from a stopped position. This kart comes loaded with camouflage trim, a parking brake, and a steering wheel that turns so easily, you can turn it with a The Berg Pedal Go Kart X-Plore BFR-3 with its pneumatic off-road tires (15'' in diameter) and 3-gear design! It also features a break-forward-reverse system that allows for driving backwards. Simply let the kart coast or stand still after pedaling forward, then slightly move your legs in the opposite direction to start the breaking mechanism. After which, you may begin cycling in reverse. How's that for a ride-on toy! You can adjust the seat in 6 different positions as well. It also includes a parking brake for safety. Moreover, it's equipped with a swing axle for more control while on unsteady terrain. Its dimensions are 61'' long, 33'' wide and 34'' tall, with a weight of 104 pounds. It is easy to maneuver and durable enough for any season. So purchase a Berg Pedal Go Kart X-Plore BFR-3 today!


·         Dimensions Of Pedal Car For Kids: Of 61'' x 33'' x 34'' / Weight Of 104 Lbs

·         Go-Kart Boasts A Brake-Forward-Reverse System For Pedaling Backwards

·         W/ Air-Filled Pneumatic Tires 15 Inches In Diameter

·         Includes Swing Axle For Unsteady Terrain

·         Recommended For Children Ages 5 Years & Above

About Berg USA
Founded in 2010, Berg USA is quickly becoming a recognized name in children's riding toys with their innovative designs and attention to safety that don't get in the way of their dedication to providing outdoor exercise for both kids and adults. Berg USA offers a wide variety of high-quality ped

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